Vince Young says NFL is ‘getting a little too soft’

With Vince Young and Will Blackmon, Sky Sports sat down Following Week One of the NFL season to discuss their lessons.

Young and Blackmon will return to the Sky Sports Panel this week because we reveal three live matches on Sunday night, but we asked them to look back to the very best (and worst) of their first week of activity.
Here’s what they had to say…
Vince Young:”Using the rules and pass interference penalties, I think that it’s starting to go too much. I think the sport is getting a little too tender.
“Football is a physical sport.
“I watched a play on the weekend where the quarterback got struck’out of bounds’ but he was really still inbounds plus they threw a flag. I believe that’s soft.
“I saw Baker Mayfield break some tackles in the backfield, around to get sacked, and wind up getting out from there but the referee blew the whistle. I know the security component of it I really feel like it’s a physical match – let those guys playwith.
“nobody comes to a soccer game to hear whistles ”
Can Blackmon:”What stood out for me One is that Dalvin Cook is untrue today he is healthy and that he gives that group a chance to win.
“You watched it since Kirk Cousins only threw 10 passes that’s crazy – and they won. That stood out to me personally .”
Young:”The Cleveland Browns were revved up. Marcus Mariota is doing and the Tennessee Titans are an team but have a very good defense, have a great working game with Derrick Henry and creating decisions.
“He’s some talent around him that can grab the ball”
Blackmon:”I have mentioned before the Chicago Bears are just likely to go so much as Mitchell Trubisky moves and he did not do well at all from the very first game. So that improvement is important for him”
Young:”For the Cowboys, I believe that the development of Dak Prescott over the offseason has transferred to the football field and new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore did a fabulous job calling the offense. You could observe Prescott’s development and the venture of these two is going to be good in the future.
“They spread the ball very well and I like the way Prescott browse the defense. He assessed the plays to get the guys in ones that were greater, and he did a excellent job of throwing because he was comfortable.
“I was pleased to find that from there, because of all of the hatred he was becoming up this year until today.
“He’s definitely [earned a major contract]. Though Zeke [Elliott] signed a deal that is big, Dak is the Cowboys’ surface. Without a quarterback, they’re nothing – any team [isn’t anything ].”
Blackmon:”My pick for the Super Bowl is your New England Patriots. And I’ve never seen them look so comfy contrary to what was likely to become a team in the Steelers.
Young:”To watch DeSean Jackson back home, back with the team he loves, it was good to see him grabbing deep balls like he always does.
“Seeing Shady [LeSean] McCoy back ‘Big Red’ I phone him [Andy Reid] – he got 81 yards rushing, is still carrying the load.
“Deshaun Watson – fabulous game. You can tell he had a great offseason but that he was shorted from the player who I say will probably be MVP – Drew Brees.
“Then Malcolm Brown to the Rams – understanding who was the starting running back there [Todd Gurley], every time Brown had the opportunity and the chance, he made the very best of it. Because he played in the University of Texas I know him and I know what sort of spine he is and just how long he has been waiting to playwith. As a way to find the call, I was really content.
“And last but not least, Kyler Murray – the fantastic comeback he left. Everybody wondered what exactly was going on, but something that you can’t take from himhe’s a winner, and then he pulled . Those are a few of the things Arizona Cardinals fans along with the organisation are going to have to get used to. He might start off a little bad and rough, but after he gets it, it is likely to be a series you’ll have to watch out there.”
Week Two starts on Thursday since the Carolina Panthers host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coverage starts at 12.30am on Friday on Sky Sports Action and Main Event; kick-off is at 1.20am.

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