WWE Betting

Online sportsbooks offer WWE Betting as a promotional strategy. Sportsbooks use a variety of promotional techniques such as reward programs and deposit bonuses, and WWE betting is just another promotional method.
By offering you the opportunity to wager on WWE, they’re essentially letting you win cash from them at no cost. They hope that after you’ve signed up and deposit, you start betting ALL of your sports there, and leave whatever sportsbook you are currently at.
Obviously, if you are wanting to bet on WWE, there’s a small catch. I’m certain you’re wondering — why does not Vince McMahon just book a huge upset, then bet $10 million on it at 5Dimes. com? Well what the sportsbooks do is restrict the money you can acquire with WWE Betting.
The typical amount is $50. If you are betting an underdog, then you can not wager more than $50 on him. If you’re gambling a favorite, you can’t win more than $50.
Let us take The Undertaker vs Triple H out of Wrestlemania 27 for instance. The Undertaker was, no surprise, the heavy favourite. The odds were The Undertaker -1000, Triple H +550. Should you bet $10 on the Undertaker to win, then you would win $1. Should you bet $10 on Triple H to win, you’d win $55.
Subsequently the limits come along. If you read in your favourite wrestling newsboard that Triple H was on a power trip and was going over, you couldn’t simply bet the house on The Game. As a result of betting limit, because he is the underdog, the greatest you can bet would be $50, which would win $275.
On the flip side, if you had a mind and understood that the WWE had not lost their thoughts, you could wager on The Undertaker to win. However in this scenario, the maximum you can acquire is $50. Therefore you would need to bet $500 to win that $50.
Hopefully this clarifies WWE Betting. As you can see, the chances are generally huge and can have a reasonable bit of danger to generate money. However as someone who bet $500 on Undertaker at the previous two Wrestlemanias I want to state that it is an added rush! Betting on WWE is enjoyable as you are freaking out over each close pinfall.

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