WWE star Shayna Baszler on the art of being a wrestling villain

WWE celebrity Shayna Baszler states the key to being a fantastic wrestling villain is not caring what other individuals think.
Baszler, a NXT womens champion, has established herself as one of the greatest heels in the wrestling business now and its apparently only a matter of time before she moves to SmackDown.
The 39-year-old lifted the lid on the secrets behind her victory as abad guy in an interview with Sky Sports.
I think not caring, she explained. I know that seems ridiculous but Ronda (Rousey) was so amazing in MMA and if she lost the fallout that she had with all the fans, it jaded me in some type of way.
When it comes to wrestling that stuff doesnt bother me personally and I believe thats what upsets people. Folks crave the guy and the hero and I do not crave this, I wish to be the best.
I have desensitised to all that I believe, and it also helps that the roster is full of quite likeable men and women. It has been the perfect combination of me not caring and everybody else caring.
Baszler is one of the Four Horsewomen of all MMA alongside Ronda Rousey – who is currently inactive in WWE – and Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, who are in NXT.
A suit against the WWE Four Horsewomen – Sasha Banks, Bayley Flair and Becky Lynch – has been indicated but Baszler says one group gets the right to truly call themselves a faction.
We have never denied theyre fantastic wrestlers and put the groundwork, particularly at NXT, and were a large portion of their womens development, she said.
But were the group. We are a real team. They are four wrestlers that are great but we are the group and weve never had a rift.
You cant predict 11 random soccer players that the Minnesota Vikings, they are not the team. Were a team and weve been ever since the four people

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