Why their ex girl is killing your sex-life

Why their ex girl is killing your sex-life

Ways to get their ex from your life along with your bed room.

Intercourse Editor and writer of other articles she can show her grandparents actually. Considers no heat too hot for leather pants.

Exactly why are we therefore enthusiastic about our partner’s ex? It is the many addicting cyber-snoop of most, claims GLAMOUR intercourse editor Gemma Askham, and it is damaging our sex lives. Listed here is how exactly to strike move and block on.

“Whatever you do, USUALLY DO NOT PRESS ‘LIKE’, ” my buddy warns, joking-but-not, as she passes me her phone. We hold it as though i am managing some of those child dinosaur eggs from Jurassic Park, where one move that is false unleash the loss of culture – or at the least a buddy in Velociraptor mode.


” just exactly What you think? ” she asks, nervously. Taking a look at the picture associated with woman regarding the display, i am aware my part. She actually is either too pouty or too simple, too like my pal or too various. We grunt, a type of ‘meh’ cross a ‘hmmph’, that results in really the only appropriate response to seeing a photo of the boyfriend’s ex: needless to say she is most likely a girl that is lovely. Read More