Eddie Jackson aiming to ‘top everything’ ’85 Bears did

Legendary comparisons along with also the highest of expectations definitely do not dissuade safety Eddie Jackson.
The All-Pro stood his ground on the Bears’ belief that they’re Super Bowl bound.
And Jackson added a target that is guaranteed to rile a few of the staunchest old school Chicago lovers, who will permanently revere the 1985 Bears who won the franchise’s only Super Bowl.
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“Our goal right now is for the defense to be No. 1 across the board,” Jackson told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Shouts from the’85 Bears, but we would like to top everything they’ve done.”
While Jackson is probably speaking of surpassing the dominance those Bears exhibited en route to a one-loss season and also a one-sided Super Bowl blowout of the overmatched Patriots, it would be near impossible to top the overall mystique of the storied squad. All things considered, the Super Bowl-shuffling Bears of 1985 had all-time greats such as Walter Payton, Mike Singletary and Dan Hampton as well as all-time characters Jim McMahon, William”The Refrigerator” Perry and Steve”Mongo” McMichael — all corralled by head coach Mike Ditka and defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan.
To Jackson, who is entering only his third season, anything less than winning the last Sunday of the season will fall short of hopes. Having prognosticated a Super Bowl berth, Jackson doubled down to these lofty words.
“I’m really excited for this season, it’s going to be something special,” Jackson said. “Like I said, I stand behind what I said earlier in the year. We anticipate taking this whole thingwe intend on winning the Super Bowl.”
Somewhat surprisingly, Jackson and Co. seem to be looking far ahead though last year’s NFC Wild Card loss to the Philadelphia Eagles through the infamous”dual doink” overlook by kicker Cody Parkey nevertheless has them looking back.
“We have everything to prove. We moved far last year, but we came up short,” Jackson said. “That’s the fuel to our fire at this time. That keeps us moving. Everyone seen and felt how good this team was past year. And now everyone sees that it’s even better this season with the new faces the brand new coaches and just to find that everybody’s on board. We had 100% OTA attendance”
All the predictions of prevailing from the largest of big games and all the fuel which burns from last year’s letdown aside, perfect attendance is pretty damn remarkable.
Jackson’s talking large and is clearly confident, but showing up and putting at work is the first step and obviously exactly what the safety and the rest of the Bears do. After the season kicks off, the work they’re doing today is very likely to speak louder than anything they’re predicting.

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