Charles Leclerc’s Italian GP ‘yellow card’ explained by F1 race director

FIA race director Michael Masi has clarified Charles Leclerc was issued with Lewis Hamilton from the GP using F1’s equivalent of the’ yellow card’ rather than a punishment in his grasping battle.
As Hamilton cranked up the pressure on the Ferrari driver through the race, the Mercedes driver attacked into Monza chicane but was squeezed broad and went round the area.
Race Control showed Leclerc a black-and-white flag – that the warning to’unsportsmanlike behavior’ – instead of just about any time punishment, as may have happened in the past.
Analysing the incident on the SkyPad with Sky Sports F1’s Anthony Davidson following the race, Masi said:”The rules stay with regards to your vehicle’s width of room.
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“It’s quite clear here that Charles has squeezed Lewis and, consistent with that which occurred last weekend at Spa together with Pierre Gasly, as a result it had been the bad sportsmanship flag, or even so the black-and-white flag, that was exhibited to Auto 16 for the transfer and the squeeze in the cruising area”
Though the black-and-flag available across motorsport and has long been in use, Masi states it will be issued more often to drivers as a way of a one-chance warning.
“For smaller infringements that are, let us call it, a’professional foul’ but do not go beyond the line, we will be absolutely employing the flag and more,” he said.
“it is a sign to everyone that the driver’s on notice because you just get one to your race. If you do it , the drivers have been advised that every other infraction will be known to the stewards.”
Why the shift in approach?
Amid calls to permit drivers to race freely without penalties being implemented, in wheel-to-wheel circumstances, Masi says drivers and groups also have helped shaped the approach and strategies for utilization of the’yellow card’.
“If there was resultant contact [from the Leclerc and Hamilton incident] we would have looked at it in a little more detail, however effectively under the’let’s race doctrine’ that the groups, the F1 Group, the motorists and the FIA have worked collectively on during the year, also giving the teams that the advice at the last occasion in Spa, we will use the black and white flag more often – in their request I must state,” added Masi.
“And that was a prime event where everybody lasted , black and white flag, motorsport’s variant of this yellow card.”
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