Beware! Bovada not paying out winnings – says i was doing Reverse activity!

Bovada is not paying out over 3500 in winnings, saying I was doing Reverse activity which is banned according to their rules. As a betfair consumer for quite a while, I have been using cash-out to book profits the majority of the times. Since Bovada doesnt supply this kind of ability I was gambling on both sides to make profit with my own cash funds. Reverse activity as described on their site is:”Reverse Activity is not permitted. Reverse Action is described as gambling both sides of a single event for the purpose of falsely achieving a stated minimum quantity of betting activity so as to qualify for bonuses” This clearly states to be eligible for bonuses, folks bet on both sides to ensure minimum wagering requirement is met. But I wasn’t even interested in their bonus. I did opt-in for 500 bonus while depositing 2000, but soon realized the 5x wagering is on the total amount of 2500 and not just bonus amount. So cancelled it mid-way. I must be free to do anything I want to do with my cash funds – either wager on either side OR no sides – it’s my own money, and should be able to play the way I want to. However, Tony from verification staff wont listen. He seized all my winnings (I had over 7200$ in my account) and gave my initial deposit of 3400$ back. Is there a way to get my winnings out of Bovada? I’m hugely disappointed that I trusted this A rated bookmaker with my money.

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