The NCAA Tournament: March Madness

College Basketball crowns the season’s ending with 64 teams competing to become the last contender standing. This NCAA college basketball tournament is known as insanity exemplified by the frenzied fans of each university and the caliber of games and teams participating. March holds the key to who the top teams in the nation are and BetAmerica Sportsbook is here to help make sense of everything! Find info under the March Madness tournament arrangement, expert betting tips, mount predictions, plus much more.
After a flurry of matches to complete the initial four in, the first and second rounds of this Big Dance, clubs will go into the coveted set of this Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and Final Four.
Super Sixteen Series
The sweet flavor of making the last sixteen teams along the school basketball tournament trail is merely a stepping stone into the last weekend of the basketball season. The remaining teams play in the semi-finals for the area.
The Elite Series
The final eight teams living in everyone’s brackets choose one yet, but the key maintaining poise on this match as the final four approaches. The eight teams will play at the finals.
The Final Series
Both the last four and NCAA college basketball closing are this year’s most anticipated games. The last four teams are competing at the federal semi-finals as they go into the championship game.

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